The mystery that moves the river of life has long been a source of fascination. The druids and the ancient wisdom held within the Ogham date back many thousands of years and the symbols and stories may provide us with ways to access the universal truths of life today. Questions still lie unknown to us – as to who we really are and why we are here?

The druids, in the Celtic culture, as with all ancient indigenous tribes, had some divine – human interaction and they lived harmoniously in this dance that assured the continuation of life. Every indigenous culture teaches that our primary motivations are to live life with a purpose; in a safe and healthy home, loving relationships and self-support.

This is in stark contrast to Western philosophy today where we give ourselves control over nature, where we believe we are more powerful than nature, where men believe they are more powerful than women, children, African, Asian, the list goes on and this way of life has become a total failure.

Similarly, the people and the land of Ireland has suffered through many years of destruction, ridicule and torment, when, for example, the native Irish were killed by the catholic inquisition for practicing pagan traditions or more recently when the English tried to take over the country by cutting down large chunks of ancient forests and put English planters on the land as sovereign owners.

Our bodies, our landscapes and our memories still feel that torture within us. But to make change with anything we do we must reach beyond the fears of the past and take charge of our mind so the wisdom of our soul can guide us to the source of our power.

The evidence to the failure of this ‘western’ culture we have taken on is the number of people dependant on drugs to help shut out the cry of the soul for a more fulfilling life. Our prisons, our hospitals, all those who can’t cope with the restraint of our soul that living in this culture requires has brought us to a tipping point.

So many of us believe that we have been brought into this world without an instruction manual and spend forever trying to figure out how the pieces of life fit together. However, being introduced to this therapy we are opening our eyes to the universe and with it brings the revelation that everything and everyone is connected.

We are all worlds within worlds, functioning under the same laws of nature-discovering a blueprint that is unique to every soul, which shows how our internal and external systems work. What is extraordinary is the uniqueness in nature, there are no duplicates and what can satisfy one soul can be totally different for another yet we are expected, through our education systems, to all sit quiet, recite the same poems, wear the same uniforms, walk on the same lines as much as possible and not rock the boat for the privileged powerful few who made these rules.

Suicide, drugs, media, fear based religions, hospitals and jails are all methods of keeping people suppressed. What will it take to break out of this indoctrination imposed on us by all this abuse to the mind?
The soul and the mind has its way, through nature, of getting us to wake up from the regular dose of distraction we use to cope with the crippling humiliation necessary to make this system work. And when this crisis comes, we start to ask the deeper questions like who am I? And why was I born?

In trying to find the answers, I have discovered that there is very little help available from the outside world and leaving the superficiality of the world becomes necessary to uncover these deeper truths.

Why the people of science and men of the religious orders find this so threatening and regularly condemn these seekers of divine truths is a sure sign that they have something to lose by such explorations.

But with so many souls in need for rescue, living unfulfilled lives with minds lost in superficial materialistic values, the time has come again where the light of the Ogham will once more be allowed to shine in this wonderful world by finding our connection to the sacred in ourselves. The self-help books, audio markets and speaker markets are now full of information on how we have to tackle the problems of addictions and destructive behaviours that for the most part keep us unhappy.

However, these formulas are incomplete in their claims as no two minds or souls are the same. Unless we have some awareness of our own individual constitution and an awareness of our soul journey we are only exchanging one method of programming for another. Unfortunately one size doesn’t fit all for the body, mind and soul - and until we realise this, we are setting ourselves up for more disappointment and adding to our sense of inadequacy. For self realization we have to be more willing to explore the deeper questions for ourselves.

We often get lost in the trivial chorus of the media and let other people’s stories become our sanctuary. But the day will come when we get the opportunity to ‘wake up’ and this can be so shocking that we have to run for medication for an even stronger method for keeping us asleep. However, the only people having their lives lit up with this route are the drug companies as they make their billions from suppressing us.

These methods are responsible for keeping whole generations asleep. Any inputs from the outside can keep us asleep to our own destiny for a long time. So if we stop watching the news or soaps on TV and if we step back from the drama that is being placed on us, we can come to the realisation that we are part of a world that has a much grander agenda being expressed through millions of galaxies that anything our little minds can even conceive.

A quote from an Indian mystic, Prasna Marga sums up our incarnate journey:

”A man is born in this world to enjoy or suffer the consequences of his deeds from his past birth. A portion of this he reaps in heaven or hell but for the remnant he has to take a new birth”.

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